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  •  Customer Service And Supply Chain

    Customer Service And Supply Chain

    Westlake's U.S.-based global customer service team is staffed with seasoned, experienced professionals. Many have more than 30 years of experience building long-term, one-on-one relationships with customers that result in rapid response to inquiries and proactive assessment of customer needs.

    Available 24/7, Westlake can provide tailored levels of customer service—from handling simple account inquiries to managing the material requisition process.

    Customer Service Contact Information

    Westlake product Safety Data Sheets?can be found by clicking here or by emailing Corporate Product Stewardship at MSDSInfo@axiall.com.


    PVC and Chlor-Alkali Products

    Tel:? +1-800-321-8550??


    Chlorovinyls and Resins - Plaquemine and Aberdeen

    Fax: +1 855-844-0651


    Chlor-Alkali Products and Chlorinated Ethylenes - Pittsburgh

    Tel:? +1-800-243-6774

    Fax: +1 855-631-0441


    Water Treatment Products - Pittsburgh

    Tel:? +1-800-245-2974