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  • Chlorinated Solvents and Feedstock

    Chlorinated Solvents and Feedstock

    Westlake?manufactures a range of solvents used for a variety of applications including degreasing and cleaning of electronics and certain metals. Westlake's solvents also are used by dry cleaning plants?and by the petroleum refining industry for catalyst regeneration.

    Ethyl chloride serves as a base or intermediate in various coatings, films, plastics and gasoline additives. Liquid ethyl... Read More
    Perchloroethylene (perchlor) is a chlorinated solvent that is used extensively by dry cleaning plants. Other applications include... Read More
    Used for various industrial purposes, Tri-ethane? solvent is available for fluorocarbon feedstock, chemical intermediate... Read More
    Trichloroethylene (or trichlor) is an excellent solvent used in a variety of degreasing and cold cleaning applications, as well... Read More
    VersaTrans? solvent is used in a variety of applications including electronics cleaning, precision cleaning, and certain metal... Read More